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Skype Marketing Secrets 2.0 Step-by-Step Training Guide

Access to an Exclusive Guide to Build Massive Traffic From Skype

Skype Marketing Secret 2.0 Step-by-Step Guide

FACT: It is a FACT that Skype has reached over 300,000,000 users worldwide. That's OVER a quarter billion users on the Internet. As Skype allows its user to communicate with others via voice using a microphone, video by using webcam, and instant messaging over the Internet, it is known as the number #1 platform business owners use to communicate with their clients and employees. With the software available in 38 different languages and owned by Microsoft, Skype may be the key to build a long-term sustainable business on an International level. This is the reason why you MUST learn how to...

"Hack Skype Marketing 2.1"
"How to Attract Massive Customers to Your Online or Offline Business With The Latest Techniques on Skype Marketing in As Little As 37 Minutes"

This new course will provide you with a step-by-step guidance from a keyword research, create your Skype account, personalized your communication, create group chat, get members, announce news, and all the way to get massive customers for your business . Best of all, each step will be shown with screenshots. This will give you an easy way to COPY-N-PASTE every technique we show it in a matter of seconds. It is that powerful.

Innovative Online Services
November 2015

Dear Entrepreneur,

As you have already awarded by now that Skype is the LARGEST video and voice conferencing site in the world. With over 300 million users worldwide, many business owners, CEO, outsourcing workers, Fortune 500 companies, consultants, coaches, are utilizing SKYPE heavily for business activities. It is especially for companies that are using outsourcing workers, have branches, work from home, have virtual assistants in different countries, and much more.

Further, many business owners are utilizing Skype as a way to build a solid relationship with their audience, partners, and core clients. This allows them to sell high-ticket items at the price of $500 or even $10,000 a pop. In addition, many business owners are utilizing Skype as a way to talk with their outsourcing workers where they provide them with a to-do-list, create documentations, and much more. Further, as many users installed Skype on their phones, people can use it to make International calls to landline or mobile phone for cheap or free. The question is...

"How Do You Utilize Skype to Build and Attract Massive Clients For Your Business?"

  • You can NOT spam your friends.
  • You can NOT just invite everyone on your list to add you on Skype.
  • You can NOT ask your friends to be part of your Skype group.
  • You can NOT force your friends to engage on every message you put on Skype.
  • You can NOT simply force your friends to engage with you on Skype every single moment.
The truth is... "These tricky techniques do not work".

In fact, if you keep pushing your friends to ask their friends to joint your Skype all the time even with or without permission, you will lose your friends and may end up having your Skype accounts closed down in days.

The question is... "How do you attract people to add you, interact, and become your clients with Skype Marketing?"

It requires a special knowledge.
It requires you to understand the in-and-out of Skype marketing.
It requires you to know which techniques is working and which technique is a waste of time.

Basically, if you were to do it alone, it will take you years of research as well as tens of thousands of dollars before you are able to know the RIGHT way to attract massive traffic to your website. This allows you to work less, make more, and enjoy massive cash your way. This is also the reason why I have decided to introduce...

This comprehensive course contains step-by-step never before seen information, complete with screenshots, to show you exactly how you can harness the power of Skype Marketing to boost your traffic in an INSTANT.

In fact, here are some "underground" secrets you will discover once you download your "Skype Marketing Secret 2.0 Step-by-Step Guide"...
  • How to find a profitable market to tap into with Skype marketing.
  • How to set-up your Skype account to attract people to add you, engage with you, as well as eager to communicate with you on Skype.
  • Key ingredients to build massive Skype members on your Skype group..
  • Understand the core and dangerous mistakes business owners make on utilizing their Skype.
  • Discover the right way to apply your Skype marketing 2.0 for your business. -- Regardless of whether you are an online and offline entrepreneur, you MUST understand the principle I am about to share with you in great details.
Furthermore, it contains some HOT strategies like:
  • How to utilize Skype Chat Group as a way to seduce your audience to purchase products and services you recommend.
  • How to get massive "MEMBERS" to your Skype Chat Group for FREE.
  • How to get massive sales for your new product launches.
  • How to build a mastermind group with Skype Marketing. -- This is also the key to build a stronger relationship with other marketers where it will help you to grow your business when you launch your products.
  • Tips and techniques to build your reputation with other Skype users.
  • Ways to use Skype features as a way to "ENGAGE" conversation with your audience. This includes recommendation, marketing research, brand building, connection, engagements with other users, and etc.
  • And much, much more. -- It is as important as other benefits we have just shared with you.
Well, that's NOT all. As it is my intention to really help you to build your business to the next level, you are going to receive...

if you jump on this opportunity TODAY:

Bonus #1: 21 Skype Marketing Tricks 2.0

This is NOT your typical marketing tricks you have seen on the blog or via article. Instead, this is the system we have been using to BOOST our customer base in a matter of minutes. In fact, here is what you are going to learn:
  • Discover the fastest and easiest way to make your 1st sale with Skype Marketing.
  • How to seduce your visitors to add you, engage with you, as well as become your customers the ethical way.
  • How to maximize the engagement rate on your "Skype Chat Group". This allows you to build die hard followers for your business.
  • Tips and tricks you must use to motivate your core partners to promote your products on your launch. -- This is one of the keys I have been using to announce my launches, to have my core affiliates to promote my products, as well as sold thousands of copies in days.
  • How to use the power of Skype to build trust and credibility among your potential customers.
  • Underground secrets marketers use to sell high-ticket items from a price point of $500 to $10,000 a pop.
  • How to escape the brutal mistakes marketers make on interacting with their audience on Skype.
  • And much, much more. -- It is as important as other benefits we have just shared with you.

Bonus #2: Untold Secrets on Getting Traffic With Skype

On this course, you are going to learn some "UNTAPPED" secrets marketers use to get massive traffic through Skype. In addition, we will also provide you key secrets on what you can do to SEDUCE engagement with your audience. This allows you to create a bonded relationship with Skype users in which it will help you to CASH IN big for your business. It is that powerful. :-)

Bonus #3: Dominating Skype Marketing Industry

The MAJORITY of the Skype users are focusing on spamming others with offer after offer. What they do NOT realize is that method will RUIN their businesses faster than they build it in the first place. Worse, they will even get their Skype account shut down in which people will try to avoid them at all cost. The question is... "How do you utilize the reverse engineer method in which people will be attracted to you?".

Well, with this e-book, you are going to learn the underground secrets "elite" marketers use to attract massive revenue by utilizing the power of Skype for their business. The COOL part is it is FREE. All you need to do is following the steps I will share with you on this e-book. That's all it takes. :-)

Bonus #4: Skype Marketing Cheat 2.0 Cheat sheet + Road map

This "Cheat Sheet" contains a step-by-step checklist that you can easily print out and use it to take action with this course. In addition, It will make it easier to focus on all the important elements of the course. This allows you to implement your strategies without having to use your BRAIN. PERIOD. Further, we have even provided you with a complete ROAD MAP to build your Skype marketing from A-Z. This allows you to drive massive traffic and get massive sales for your business, FAST!

It time to make a decision my friend...

Do you want to continue looking for new ways to get more exposure for your business, trying to get more traffic and make bigger profits, OR do you want to download Skype Marketing 2.0 and take your business to the next level ASAP?

How much would I charge you for a complete course with the FREE bonus?

A high value comprehensive e-course like this could easily sell for $47, but today I am going to let you have it for a very special price.

TODAY ONLY: Simply click on the "Enroll in Course" button, below, and you'll be reading
it – quickly – within moments.

Yes! I really want to discover more about Skype Marketing 2.0 and get tips, hints and secrets that will give me the edge in social marketing.

So please send me my copy of "Skype Marketing Secret 2.0 Step-by-Step Guide
" and the HUGE free bonuses. - so I can start generating more traffic and finally making bigger profits, starting today.

So let’s get started – time to access the course right now!

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To Your Success,
Joe DuBose
Innovative Online Services

P.S. Remember, if you order Skype Marketing 2.0 TODAY for only $5, you also get the great FREE bonuses I mentioned above.

P.S. As I want you to be completely satisfied with our product, you will also get my iron clad 30 day money back guarantee that makes sure that I take all the risk while you try on this product FREE for 30 days.


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  Bonus #4 : Skype Marketing Cheat Sheet and Road Map
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